Pumpkin Head Visors

You'll smile all day wearing a pumpkin head visor that you made yourself!

You need:

Tacky Glue and Clothespins or Low Temp Glue Gun
Brown & Green Craft Foam
Green Pipe Cleaner
Brown Permanent Marker or
Paint Pen


Print pattern. Staple all around your crown pattern onto foam. Cut out. For this project, visor is worn upside down and on top of your head. Glue stem to visor as shown is photo above. If using tacky glue, hold foam in place with clothespins until dry.

Cut pipe cleaner in half. Glue one end of one half to the back of your leaf. The other end to the back top of the visor. Bend down over the top the visor. Curl the other half of the pipe cleaner around a pencil. Remove and glue one end to the back top of the visor.

Use a permanent marker or paint pen to draw dotted lines that represent the pumpkin's sections.

Project from MakingFriends.com







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