The Great Pumpkin in the news!

Our Halloween presentation has been occasionally featured in the newspapers and TV News.

San Diego Union Tribune - October 28, 2015
"Halloween Fanatics Gear Up For Big Night| Spooky superfans have invested decades in perfecting their family-friendly haunts"

“I got an anonymous thank-you card in the mail about 25 years ago addressed to the Great Pumpkin saying ‘thanks for all the joy you bring.’ We have the privilege of bringing joy to children for free. We consider it a gift we’re lucky to receive,” said Jim Papageorge.

Halloweentown’s tuxedo-clad guide [Tom Papageorge] … leads groups of 25 on a circular, 15-minute journey around the exterior of the house, with stops at a full-size guillotine where a talking pumpkin greets the crowd, a large graveyard planted with live actors, a pirate tableau with a Jack Sparrow impersonator, a 20-foot black light tunnel and the grand finale, an interactive encounter with the 364-year-old Great Pumpkin and his miniature pumpkin nephew, Bob. Read More

San Diego Union Tribune - November 1, 2001
"County not scared out of fun | Revelers turn out in droves; costumes include tributes to rescue workers"

"We're not going to let a few international maniacs dictate our holiday traditions," [Jim Papageorge] said. Halloween regalia is the familiar this year among the unfamiliar, he added.


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