Make your own Halloween decorations!

Print out these craft pages, color them, cut them out and fasten them together to make your own Ben & Jerry's Halloween decorations. Stick them in your office, your classroom, your car, put them everywhere.

Stuff you'll need:

Computer and printer - that sort of goes without saying
Paper fasteners - available at office supply shops or department stores
Hole punch
Crayons, colored pencils or markers
Optional - glue stick or white glue or paste, light cardboard


Print the image. Color your decoration; it's easier to color before you cut it out. It's a good idea to glue several sheets of paper together or glue the print out to a piece of cardboard to make it stronger. Carefully cut all along the heavy outline of the images. There are extra arms and feet so you can put your Halloween figure into different positions. If you want your decoration to be poseable, use a hole punch to punch holes into the white circles at the joints. Line up the holes and push a paper fastener through. Bend the back clips of the fastener to secure it. If you don't want your decorations to be poseable or if you don't have any paper fasteners) glue the arms and legs into the desired position.

Be creative, be original. Make some other accessories. That skeleton would be stylin' with a top hat and the outfit Glynda is wearing is just crying out for a cape.

The links below will open in a new window to make printing easier.

Skeleton - comes with extra arms and legs so you can put him/her into any position that you want. (skeleton.gif 42K) Black & white GIF file -- what other color would a skeleton be?

Glynda - The Good Witch of Ben & Jerry's (60K black & white GIF file) - color it yourself.

Haunted House - Well actually it's just a Victorian house, you'll have to haunt it yourself. It's a 91K black & white GIF file for you to color any way you want. There are a couple of other buildings too, make yourself a little New England Village. They're all available on our New England Village page. Mac users - scale the Victorian House to 75% in your Page Setup window before printing.

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